Friday, June 14, 2013


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It is summer, which means kiddos are home and if you are like me you are always wonder what you should make for lunch.

And this fall my not-as-picky eater goes to Kindergarten, so I've started gathering up lunch ideas for him. (Yay! I can send something besides fruit strips and Kashi bars!)

I love the Bento box ideas on Pinterest!

(I've already ordered some *cheap* bento-style lunch containers, silicone baking cups ('cause they have a LOT of uses), and some fun cookie cutters...!)

Here are the ideas I have so far:
1 - Homemade snacks. I want to be good. Really. So I've already found recipes for animal crackers and Cheezits. (Check out my Pinterest boards)

2) Cheese cubes

3) Diced fruit (Little Man will eat almost anything that's a fruit. At the least, he'll try it once.)
-Especially things I don't get all the time -- like blueberries.

4) Easy to finger eat pastas (My kids love, love them. I buy the Barilla Plus -- they won't eat the spinach or other kinds, unfortunately...)

5) Sandwiches of course

6) Homemade granola bars - I have a great recipe on my boards that I tweak however I want.
7) JELL-O! My kids love Jell-o and I never thought of this idea!

8) Crackers & Peanut Butter

9) Boiled eggs. (Little Man loves them)

10) Hot Dogs

11) Orange wedges

**So what do you pack in your kids lunches? What do you make for summer lunches for all the kids?**