Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Finding this tutorial on how to remake jeans into skinny jeans killed two birds with one stone today. (*Also, new favorite blog.)

1) I have NEVER liked the way these jeans looked on me. 

I don't know? Something in the hips? The flare? Not flattering on me. Only heaven knows why I bought them.

And 2) I need a pair of lighter wash skinny jeans. I have two pairs of dark wash ones, and I always feel all dressed up when I put them on. I know. Weird.

So anyway. Ta da!

Crochet Tank


Top (clipped to polyvore.com)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Quick Muffins

I love making muffins for my kids in the morning. The problem is that I also like to sleep, so that by the time I have them all made up, they're coming out of the oven just when we need to leave. So my munchkins get like two to munch on the way to school. Not cool.

Then I found a recipe on Pinterest that was for single servings of coffee cake, and of course I thought, "Well, that could work for anything!"

Like muffins.

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My 4 oz. ramekins are perfect for muffin-size stuff, but you could use anything small that is microwave safe. (Hot-cocoa cups? Pinch bowls? I have some from Pampered Chef that are also perfect for little Barbie cakes, and should I ever have a girl, you better believe I'm making little Barbie cakes.)

I put two in at a time and cook them for 1 minute. The boys love eating them with forks. They think that's awesome.

Ice Cube Trays

So there are some things that I always have too much of when I open the can for a recipe or something.

My little idea:

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Freeze those left over things in ice cube trays so that 1) you don't waste any and 2) you have smaller portions for next time.

Things I love to do this with:

* spaghetti or tomato sauce (especially because I love ravioli with all my heart and when I just make a bowl for myself, I need a little sauce . . . not a whole can.)

* baby cereals (It's super-easy to grind rice and oats to make your own [and save a TON of money, btw] but a bit time consuming to make it up every time, so I just make a moderate size batch and freeze it. For my 4-month-old, the portion sizes are perfect.)

*fresh herbs in water

* pureed pumpkin (or any vegetable/fruit!)

****UPDATED*** Plain Greek Yogurt - It can be used as a substitute for sour cream in so many recipes. But I buy a big tub and then forget to use it! Problem solved--into an ice cube tray, into the freezer, ta da! AND when Squishy gets old enough to eat yogurt with his baby food...easy to add into the mix.

Your ideas?


Ever since I discovered Pinterest, that's where I organize ALL my ideas. But the problem with Pinterest is that you can only pin what's already out there floating around on the internet. What if I have a great idea? One that's not really BIG enough for my writer's blog ... and one that want to share with the whole world so not the thing for our family blog?

This blog.