Thursday, March 14, 2013

Quick Muffins

I love making muffins for my kids in the morning. The problem is that I also like to sleep, so that by the time I have them all made up, they're coming out of the oven just when we need to leave. So my munchkins get like two to munch on the way to school. Not cool.

Then I found a recipe on Pinterest that was for single servings of coffee cake, and of course I thought, "Well, that could work for anything!"

Like muffins.

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My 4 oz. ramekins are perfect for muffin-size stuff, but you could use anything small that is microwave safe. (Hot-cocoa cups? Pinch bowls? I have some from Pampered Chef that are also perfect for little Barbie cakes, and should I ever have a girl, you better believe I'm making little Barbie cakes.)

I put two in at a time and cook them for 1 minute. The boys love eating them with forks. They think that's awesome.

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